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My Straw Garden was the brain child of my grandfather who throughout my childhood and to this day has grown his own vegetables.  My memories are littered with picking raspberries and strawberries on hazy summer’s day, eating new potatoes we had just dug up and washing caterpillars off lettuce leaves.

When I started my own family I wanted them to also enjoy growing and eating their own produce the only problem was I didn’t have enough space in my own garden and I didn’t have the first clue about growing stuff on my own.

So imagine my delight when my grandfather suggested using the straw bale system which would allow me to dabble without needing a lot of space.  You can enjoy crops from just one bale or add to it depending on your space and time.

My Straw Garden allows you the opportunity to have a go without having to make a large investment or any serious back breaking ground work.  As a busy mum I just wanted to have a go growing with the kids and then take it from there, so that’s what we did.

In the process I realised that the bales would be great for those who have mobility issues, those with virtually no outdoor space, fair weather gardeners or those seasoned gardeners who could use the straw bale process as a new way to get great bumper results.

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