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We will deliver your straw bale including your chosen planting package to your door and pop it in your desired location. Your bale comes with full instructions to get it in a planting condition which takes 11 days. It’s really important that your bale is conditioned so you get the very best out of it.

Your bale is approximately 1M long, 50cm wide and 45cm high. It will weigh 25kg dry and double that when ready for planting. Typically your bale will last about 2 years, however at the end of the first year it will begin to breakdown as part of its natural process. Once you are finished with your bale you can simply dispose of it in your green wheelie bin.

Bales can be set up on pretty much any surface so there is no reason not to give it ago, unless of course you love doing ground work, weeding and shifting soil around! If mobility is an issue than simply stack your bale to give you your desired height. Snails and slugs need not apply, well they can but it’s not as easy to get a reservation.

If you are interested in the technical behind your straw bale (and I use the word loosely as I am no scientist) then read on…

There are millions of microbes naturally present already in your bale, by adding a high nitrogen fertiliser and water will enable your bale to start the composting process. Once the composting gets going and you feed your bale it will begin to take a soil like form.

While all that is going on your bale will warm up to about 20 degrees Celsius above ambient and also produce nourishment which the roots of your plants will most definitely benefit from giving you superb growth.

A easy step by step guide comes included in your straw bale kit, this will provide more information and helpful tips on how to care for your straw bale garden.

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